W07 S03 Podcast Session 03 Overview

Episode 1 September 10, 2021 00:01:35
W07 S03 Podcast Session 03 Overview
W07 S03
W07 S03 Podcast Session 03 Overview

Sep 10 2021 | 00:01:35


Show Notes

After covering the first steps of the Fast Track, Workshop 07 Session 04 explains how to help your team members to make a list of people they know, have a Discovery call with them, and then if appropriate, invite them to attend a CC intro call.

Notice that the topics in Session 03, focus on making a list, and having a Discovery call with the people your new team member ALREADY knows, rather than people they have yet to meet by reaching out on LinkedIn...

The advantages of this approach are:

1. You can explain the purpose of the Discovery call sooner rather than later.

This helps your new team member understand that they are reaching out to the people they know to discover if they would like to engage more closely with them, in network building.

In particular, you can explain that they should not sell people on the CC, but instead, on network-building with them, using the resources of the CC.

2. Many new members can usually on-board a few people quite quickly. This helps them gain confidence that people they know see the value of network-building (rather than just networking) using the tools of the CC.

On the other hand, some of your new team members may want to gain more confidence before they start speaking to the people they already know.

A good strategy with such people may be to spend a few weeks showing them how to align their LinkedIn profile, search for like-minded others, and send messages on LinkedIn.

During this time, they will meet many other great people in the CC and gain the confidence to contact people they know.

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