Explain how your team member can leverage the power of the CC Intro Sessions

Episode 4 September 17, 2021 00:03:24
Explain how your team member can leverage the power of the CC Intro Sessions
W07 S03
Explain how your team member can leverage the power of the CC Intro Sessions

Sep 17 2021 | 00:03:24


Show Notes

Your team member should have previously experienced at least one CC intro session before they came on board with the CC. This means they should know what to expect and have confidence in how the CC intro session will help their candidates become excited about and have confidence in what the CC provides.

Nevertheless, you need to ensure that your team member is not expecting the CC intro session to perform magic! Especially with an unsuitable candidate!

Advise your team member that they should only invite people who they believe...

- See the importance of building their relationship based network alongside others doing the same.
- Are willing to consistently devote a small amount of time to build their network.
- They believe will fit with the culture of the CC.

Your team member mustn’t skip the Intro call and go straight to registration. They could be tempted to shortcut the process (by skipping the Intro Session) with someone they know well who they know is keen to join. The problem with missing the Intro call step, is that their new member will not be able to enthusiastically talk about an intro session to - their - candidates.

Ensure your member know how to use the CC booking system to book themselves and their candidates into an intro session. Walk them through the appropriate option from the Builders menu. This option provides a detailed explanation of how to book into an intro session.

It’s also essential that your team member contributes to the success of the intro session.

In particular, they should ensure that they and their guests arrive on the Zoom session a few minutes early. It is awkward for those on the Zoom to fill in time waiting for the last people to arrive and preventing the facilitator from starting the session.

Encourage your team member to come to the intro session well prepared so that they can positively contribute. In particular, they should have a powerful yet brief introduction of themselves. It also helps if they can have a brief statement about the positive experience they have had with the CC so far. They should also know how to introduce their guests.

Ask your team member to be deliberate about helping to create a great atmosphere.

When people join the CC, we want them to instantly have a great impression of our culture, our positive atmosphere and the way we warmly welcome newcomers.

Your team member should be deliberate about playing their part to help create a great atmosphere at every CC Intro session.

They can smile, be attentive and if an opportunity relevant for one of the attendees of that intro session springs to mind, briefly mention it.

This automatically shows the culture we adopt in the CC.

Finally, they need to “strike while the iron is hot” and make sure they book an immediate follow-up time.

They can do this before or during the intro session.

Your team member needs to know that they should book a follow-up time immediately if possible. Otherwise, it may be quite some time before they can get in touch with a busy candidate to have a follow-up discussion. Also, it is very inefficient when your team member has to keep making calls to arrange a follow-up.

The intro facilitator will give attendees ample time at the end of the session to book follow-up times.

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